Friday, April 29, 2016


My Little Pony girl's custom creative 4th birthday cake with fondant rainbow, stars, clouds, flowers, hand painted grass and edible pink pony. Peter rabbit's garden custom 1st birthday cake sugar lettuce, carrots, cabbage, strawberries and flowers. New ****** facebook #CONTEST *******. #WIN 6 individual bakery items like scones, brownies, cupcakes, pastries and muffins or a 6 inch cake (your choice, not decorated. Serves 8). The person who comments and shares the most wins. EVERYONE who comments or shares at least 50 times and get a $5 gift certificate. If we have a lot of players, I'll add more prizes. Contest ends 4/30/16. Just comment and / or share on any of our posts or photos, new or old. Each comment and share counts as a point. The one with the most wins! #frozen #cake #cakedecorating


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