Sunday, November 25, 2012

Custom creative unique edible shoes birthday cake design ideas

Custom creative unique edible shoes birthday cake design ideas
353 Two striped fondant present custom unique design cakes with black sugar high heel shoe toppers. The shoes were airbrushed black and one has white sugar pearls and the other gold pearls and heel creative idea picture

359 Seven tier custom designed unique Quinceanera fondant pillows cake. The topper is a handcrafted sugar shoe (the rhinestones are not edible). The pillows are bold orange, red, blue, green, yellow, and gold. The white pearls are sugar. The royal icing curlicues, tassles, designs on the red tier and parts of the shoe were hand painted in edible gold creative idea picture

Shoe box unique birthday cake design with black edible high heel shoes with red soles

Pair of unique custom edible running shoes on green fondant groom's cake
Pair of unique creative custom edible 3D running shoes on green fondant birthday or groom's cake idea picture
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